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Art and culture

Discover the countless beauties of Cilento's art and history

 National archeological museum of Eboli


In the heart of the historic center of the city is the National Archaeological Museum of Eboli and the Media Valle del Sele which extends within the spaces of the Convent of San Francesco, the latter dating back to the 13th century. In the west wing of the complex, since 2000, there is therefore the museum, with a high-profile cultural path that welcomes finds from the different territories of Eboli, Campagna, Oliveto Citra and Battipaglia. The exhibition is organized chronologically, according to the various historical phases inherent in the Sele Valley: prehistory, protohistory, the orientalizing period, the sixth, fifth, fourth century BC, the Republican age and the Middle Ages. The museum houses very ancient and diversified finds, thanks to the geographical position of the territory that allowed exchanges between cultures.

 Archaeological park of Paestum

The ancient Poseidonia (another name for Paestum) in honor of the god of the seas, was one of the most important centers in all of Magna Graecia; over time it was conquered by the Lucanians and finally by the Romans. The city, which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea, boasts one of the oldest and most famous archaeological sites in Italy: it is still possible to admire three imposing Doric temples, which are thought to be dedicated to Poseidon, Hera and Athena. The second is the oldest of the three. In the central part of the site there is the Roman forum, with the remains of the bases of some buildings, the living area and the surrounding walls, within which there is an amphitheater, not entirely visible but half of it can be seen. The archaeological site is divided into two areas: the sanctuary and the ancient Greek agora.

Archaeological site of Velia


“Elea” for the Greeks or “Velia” for the Romans, this ancient city, thanks to its central position with respect to the ancient trade routes between Greece and Etruria, has become rich and powerful over the course of history. It represented a great cultural center of antiquity with the Eleatic school and its main exponents such as Parmenides, Zeno and Melisso di Samo. The remains of this town were found in the middle of the last century within the territory of the Municipality of Ascea. The ancient acropolis of Velia, where a medieval fortification now stands, hosts, thanks to the evocative atmosphere that distinguishes it, numerous outdoor theatrical performances. One of the most striking features of the site is the Porta Rosa, which is the first example of a round arch built in Italy.

Certosa di Padula

The first charterhouse built in Campania and also called “San Lorenzo”, it was built by Tommaso Sanseverino, feudal lord of Teggiano at the beginning of the fourteenth century. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, together with the nearby sites of Velia, Paestum, Vallo di Diano and the Cilento National Park. It is one of the largest and most sumptuous Baroque monumental complexes in Italy – it covers an area of 50,000 square meters – and is also the largest charterhouse in the country; it is also one of the main ones at European level. It consists of three cloisters, a church, a courtyard and a garden. Inside, it has housed the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Western Lucania since 1957.

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