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The Yogurteria Art Bistrot, present at the Cilento Outlet Village, is inspired by the great artist Mondrian, his harmonious play of lines and primary colors (red, blue and yellow) that aim to achieve a perfect balance in his creations. By adopting its decorative synthesis and the expressive value given to shape and color, the place is given a bright and welcoming environment, which makes food and art an original and successful combination. The menu of La Yogurteria Art Bistrot is not just frozen yogurt, crepes, waffles, pan cakes and other delicacies from the La Yogurteria brand. Its vocation Bistrot offers a rich selection of dishes: dishes of the day, salads, sandwiches, made with fresh local ingredients.

In addition, ample space is given to the Cafeteria, where you can enjoy an excellent coffee or sit down to simply have a drink accompanied by a delicious aperitif, which will refresh you before, during and after your shopping!

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